Business Law

We provide services ranging from formation, administration, reorganization, and the dissolution of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC's), limited liability partnerships (LLP's), family limited partnerships (FLP’s), sole-proprietorships, and other forms of business entities. Ongoing representation and advice is provided for our business clients' operational needs in areas such as contracts, shareholder or partnership agreements, general employment law and compliance with regulatory agencies.

Limited Liability Companies

A limited liability company is frequently the entity of choice for small business owners who seek to avoid personal liability for claims that may arise in the transaction of the business.


A corporation is an entity that is generally formed by business associates or an individual who seek particular tax treatment for their business activities and also to avoid personal liability for claims that may arise in the transaction of the business.  Having an LLC or a corporation also can be advantageous in transferring interests in the business.  Our attorneys work closely with our business clients to identify their business goals and to explore the advantages of the various options available. 

Compliance Requirements

It is no secret that there are numerous local, state and federal agencies that govern matters effecting the conduct of business, including employment laws, tax requirements, insurance requirements ADA regulations, ect.   When our business clients have questions regarding these matters, our attorneys provide guidance on the laws and resources to assist business owners to meet their legal responsibilities.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Business partners, shareholders and LLC Members are well advised to have a carefully written buy-sell agreement at the outset of the business relationship to clarify the intent of the parties on how the business ownership interests will be transferred in the event of a death, disability or retirement of an owner. 

Shareholder Agreements

Similar to a Buy-Sell Agreement, a Shareholder Agreement documents the intent of the parties at a time when the parties are presumably on good terms.  The Shareholder Agreement generally addresses administration procedure agreements, removal or withdrawal of a shareholder, ownership of shares, etc.


Good business practices include the documentation of agreements reached in the business setting.  Whether the agreement is concerning the terms of employment, the purchase or sale of assets, the leasing of property or equipment, the provision of services, or a combination of any of those, our attorneys are experienced in drafting solid contracts to ensure our client's agreements are enforceable and clear.